Sunday, November 11, 2012


The Rain Room,by rAndom International, via Design Fetish

Keeping it moving.  At +11 days of pre-scheduled content, hoping to be at +15 or better before the evening's through.  That's roughly 6000 extra words, on top of the roughly 2800 words I would have normally generated in this period.  If I maintain roughly this output level, I'll be in the neighborhood of 30K words for the month.  That's 20K shy of a valid Nanowrimo novel, and less than 30 Characters will be created in that time, but even if I don't hit those marks, I'll still be pretty proud of myself.

As usual, work is being a beast so I've been putting late hours in at the office as well.  But fuck it.  Sleep and social interaction are for the weak.  Time to get back to it.  Coffee is on, music is streaming, here we go.

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