Sunday, August 05, 2012

STATION IDENT 080512 - Five Months In

by moleitau, via Darkly Euphoric.

Let's see.  March, April, May, June, July.  We're into August now - that means I'm closing in on the halfway mark for this project.  Let's have some quick benchmarks:

  • Over five uninterrupted months of daily weekday posting!
  • Average post lengths have nearly doubled.
  • Weekly image and music posts have crept into the schedule
  • Some Thinglink interactivity is slowly being added to images.  You can add your own links directly to them (I think)!
  • We've evolved from purely experimental collage into more of an experimental novel with continuity. 
Overall I'm really happy with how its been going.  I'm well on schedule to finish this baroque little project within the year - my next goal is actually to get far enough ahead on the daily writing that I could finish early and use part of the remaining time for editing things down into a new, more E-reader friendly format.  Call that a stretch goal - for now, I'm more than happy to just still be in the saddle, riding down (seewhatididthere?) new concepts about time, meditations on identity, and glimpses of the fantastic every week.  

After that, for the following year (you don't get rid of me that easily!), I'm looking at completing more short stories.  Maybe something like one a month - one week of plotting, two weeks of writing, and one week of cleanup?  

Finally, if you're reading this - thanks so much for coming by!  Time is precious, and life's filled with endless distractions; know that I'm grateful for each moment you choose to spend among mine.  As always, if you have a thought to share or a question or simply want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line.  The mike is yours.  And now, back to it.



bmunchausen said...

Congratulations! Six months of daily writing is a serious accomplishment. Man, if you start cranking out a short story a month, I'll be seriously envious.

I've been working on the same one for over six months and just a few days ago, felt like I was completely on the wrong track with it. :(

Anyhoo - I'm liking where this story's going and I'm glad you're developing it more.

Eidolon said...

Short stories are hard! They have to be punchier pound-for-pound than longer works, but you have less space to accomplish that goal.

And thanks! It's been really good for me actually. If I make useful progress in no other area in my day (an all too common occurrence), I can at least feel good that every week I'm about ~2000 words more of a writer than I was the previous week.