Saturday, November 03, 2012



November is a chrysalis.  When you emerge, you'll be better than you were before.

I've mentioned this here and there, but never on this blog itself - I'm going to pick up my pace a little bit during November, in solidarity with everyone doing 30 characters and NaNoWriMo.  You won't see it on the surface, because the posting schedule will stay the same, but I'll be putting more effort into building up a buffer, writing more than I post in order to get a bit ahead.  

This is somewhat necessary because I know the holiday months are going to be a little bit disrupted with holidays and travel, but I want to do better than stay on schedule - I want to see if I can beat it, generate the amount of text that I said I would but do it in a shorter timeframe, and use the remaining time to start in on an editing pass.  

8 months down, 2/3 and counting.  Afterburners engaged.  

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