Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sihl City Parking Garage - Zurich (XIII)

Why are there not more Sundays?  I could use about a month of them, all in a row.

The more I write, the more often I begin to remember elements of dreams I've had.  Long after the fact, after I've awoken from a sleep which I presumed to be dreamless, I'll be going through my day, fiddling with a phrasing or a plot development in my head, and I'll realize that my mood is being influenced by some long, complicated, and probably nonsensical chain of events that I experienced during the night, now only available to me in flashes of insight that disappear as swiftly as I grasp for them.

Maybe they're not correlated at all - the dreaming, the writing.  I just notice this sensation more often these days.  The dreams have always reared their heads whenever I have problems IRL that seem daunting or insurmountable.  Little pseudo-conscious mechanisms running the simulation 10, 15, 100 times every night, trying to figure out which layer of reality is the one in which triumph is possible, or failure is at least properly interesting.

May you wake and remember a world that belongs to you, this week.  Safe travels.

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