Sunday, February 17, 2013


Source:  Deimante Ceciene

Whew.  Three more entries; that officially puts me past Feb 28th.  It'll take a few more scenes to tie things up nicely, but there you go - one year worth of weekday writing.  And it's been a blast. I'll try to finish up before February 28th actually gets here, and that'll be that - one year, one novel.  Giddyup.

After that, I've got other projects clamoring for attention, and I'll have to turn to those for a couple of months before I take a swing at my second draft.  I actually need to come up with a title, you know?  Ehaema will probably remain the name of blog, where I'll continue to post new writing and musings and such, but it doesn't feel quite right for the title of the book.  I expect I'll figure something out eventually (but hey, feel free to suggest something!)

Oh, also.  Every day I'm tumblin':

So much for the fun part of the week.  Now here comes the weekday bit.  Give me strength.

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Gabriel said...

A whole year of week-daily writing. That's quite a feat, man. i only got aboard the last few months, but its been quite the ride. Bring on those next projects!