Sunday, May 26, 2013


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Hi there.  How are you?

Just dropping a line to let you know I"m still lurking.  And still writing.  I didn't forget about you!  But it has been terrifically busy.

I have a short story - two, actually! - being published in a cool zine format which I'll let you know more about as soon as it breaks.

I've been putting some effort into doing a little world-building for a work project.

And - I made a game!  Okay, well really I've only spent today on it.  I'm practicing in twine.  This is my very first interactive fiction creation!

It's nothing special - mostly I'm teaching myself to operate and understand the logic behind conditional branching pathways, and seeing what I can accomplish with that.  It's got too much complicated crap in it for a beginner project, and I think the next one I do will be simpler.  Also, it could use some pictures and music to jazz it up!  But it was fun, and I learned a lot!

There are some rough edges and I may have missed a few bugs, but it seems reasonably stable.  Have a look and tell me what you think when you get a chance.  Pitch me an idea for another one, if you like!

Play Cyclic Dream

Oh, here's a soundtrack for it, if you like that sort of thing.  Enjoy your weekend.

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