Sunday, January 13, 2013


Source:  Christina Kourkoulou



It's like walking up an elevated freeway exit.  I spend a lot of my time focused on what's immediately around me, exerting effort and attention in a space that sometimes feels deserted, while the occasional threat of a serious problem or timesuck occasionally rushes me like headlights in the dark.  And it seems kind of like a bad idea, or foolish, to be walking this way - one step at a time, while pros cruise by me as though I were at a standstill.  I glimpse their faces on books and in interview articles like happy faces in warm, lighted car windows, going places I could never reach if I started running now.


Sometimes I look over the side of this ramp, and I can see...

I'm way up higher on this path, the path I always kept in sight, than I used to be. Surprisingly far.  I can see all the lights in the distance, spread out in a map I couldn't have seen a year ago.  Feels a damn sight better than being stuck in traffic where I was.  When I'm not worrying about oncoming threats, I feel more peaceful up here.  More in command of where I'm going.  More able to taste the wind.

It feels good.

I can see signs for another exit coming up in a little ways.  I'm starting to think about what comes next.

Got any suggestions?

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