Sunday, December 16, 2012


Assembler, by Kosmur.

December has just sucker-punched me.  I admit, I was asking for it.  And I'll benefit from at least learning to meet the myriad challenges that have sprung up, even if I'm not successful at all of them. But holy shit, things have been a bit intense.  And tragedy has visited a lot of people in a lot of ways - some strangers to me, others near and dear.

My self-concept has ever been the Curious Stranger - the figure who drifts in from the edge of the woods to watch the humans at play, and bemused or delighted by what he sees, puts on the ol' human-suit and tries to mimic them with varying degrees of success.  Until of course he gets in over his head, and then the woods begin to look much more appealing than they did before - but the way back is no longer clear.

I basically always feel in over my head.

We mostly think of Halloween as the day of spirits, but really, isn't any holiday - holy day - a day when the divine out-of-context came knocking at the doors of the world so hard that everyone remembers the occasion?

Hang tough out there.  Don't forget to act like people.

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