Sunday, October 14, 2012


Emanation, by Sukhi Barber

October is a month that plays merry hell with the identity.  Spirits speak up.  Harvests are brought in, leaving the harvest bringers to face down the reaper, and the question of what the upcoming dark months will turn them into, now that the earth is done rewarding them.  Masks appear, changing revelers into the people they wish they were, or the creatures they're afraid that they are.

In America it is both Cyber Security awareness month and LGBT History month - so we consider the questions of online identity and sexual identity as they undergo transformation in global conversation, and our self-concepts undergo transfiguration consequently.

It is also Filipino history month in the US, and Black history month in the UK.  Suits me just about right.

7.5 months of Ehaema, this year of twilight evolution, the year that I bridge realities, from the one in which I imagine having written a book, to the one in which I imagine having written a REALLY GOOD book.  :D  Happy Harvest Season, friends and readers.  Enjoy yourselves at the masquerade.


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