Sunday, June 10, 2012


Green Abyss by bRokEnCHaRacTer

In the dream, you're at work on a weekend, and everything is dark although in weekday land, reality-land, you know it's always kept well-lit.  There are voices describing an abstract problem behind you, and you're distracted because you're sort of listening to them but also working on something even though you're supposed to be working on something else.  It's a dream, because you're eating fast food, which is something you did a lot when you were younger, but now you never do.

On the screen is a spreadsheet full of codes that are english in some columns and nonsense hash tags in others.  There's another window.  You click on one thing, it's a picture.  You click on another thing, it's a song that you remember liking, that begins to take the shape of the words in your head.  Which as you realize it, becomes you typing words directly.  

That's when you realize you're dreaming.

that's when you realize you're awake


bmunchausen said...

That one's eerie. I'd imagine you probably really did dream that. Sounds like your kind of dream. ;)

Eidolon said...

That's no dream, lady, that's my life!