Sunday, May 20, 2012


via Marcelo Almeida.

When you hold something in your hands that has to happen.  When an ocean of need and dreaming embeds itself within an instant.  When you take aim.  When you have time to say just one thing, what is it?  What is your shortest prayer?  What is your curse, your blessing, your name-of-God, all of those things?  What is the last thing you would say before it all came crashing down?

You won't have time to think about it then, so think about it now.  If you can't think of it, or don't like the one you've got, pick a new one today.  Make one up.  Make it yours.  The words you say have many effects, on everyone around you and on you yourself, every time you say them.

Be conscious of this.

Now, wake up.

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