Sunday, April 29, 2012


9 This Is A Real Photoretouching Magic

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Hey, you.  This is Ehaema.  Listen, your understanding of how the world functions is not going to edit itself - at least, not until we're finished with it.  Can we get you to face this way?  Lights.  And 3, 2, 1, rolling...


Voltech said...

...Aaaaaaand I'm back. You didn't think that I'd forgotten about your blog, did you?

Anyway, you know what? I think it's pretty telling that even though my internet connection's on the fritz, I've got a technician popping in and out of my room to work on the alarm system, my dogs are going berserk every five minutes, and I still haven't eaten my semi-daily bowl of oatmeal, I can't help but continue reading through your posts.

I'll admit that I probably haven't grasped your full authorial intent (yet), but that's less of a matter of your skill and more of my interpretation of events. That said, you've got a metric ton of interesting ideas that I CAN perceive, and it seems like the further I read, the more invested I become.

So yeah, you can bet I'll be back to continue reading soon enough (sooner rather than later, I hope)...but right now my dogs are about to straight-up murder someone, so I need to handle them. Also, oatmeal.

By the way, two more things: I think "Living Amber" is my favorite post so far, and that song "Numbers" is pretty snazzy.

So yeah. I'll be quote a semi-famous Austrian. Mozart, I think was his name.

Eidolon said...

Ah, Mozart. His "Kindergarten Cop" was truly a pivotal moment for Western culture.

I'm pretty sure even *I* haven't grasped my full authorial intent yet, so no worries there! I do have a general idea of the direction things need to progress in, but the specifics usually don't come to me until I put my butt in the chair and start typing, and get stuck, and then have to get unstuck as fast as possible so I don't miss an update.

Anyway, good to see ya as always!