Friday, February 08, 2013

My Kind of Random

And the patchwork mural kept going, growing in spots on every available wall.

There were scenes that were only silhouetted in, still being worked on.  But many more were completely finished.  In one that held Anna’s gaze for a long time, a savage looking cybernetic pixie shared the wall space with a cartoonily exaggerated version of Kris.  Frost was coming off of the ends of his hair and forming a weapon-like shell around one of his arms.  Both of them were imprisoned in black metallic pyramids, while a robotic eye looked down on them from a ruined throne.  

Next to that, winged versions of Anna and Holly in the style of greek Muses held up a television monitor between them.  On the monitor were Rey, Heck, Alex and Kalli racing against an assortment of opponents in cars or go-karts down a stretch of the 10 freeway filled with game-like power-ups and symbols.  

“Holy hellcats.”

“I know, right?  He’s in the zone.  He’s been going non-stop, like he doesn’t even have to think about it - it’s just flowing out of him, for hours.  I think he might be winding down a little bit now, actually.  I’ve been working on a secondary program that just aims colored spots at all of those pieces in sequence.”

“Insane.  I guess this is why Jenny puts up with his stoner ass.”

“That’s why I wanted to know what you said!  I’ve seen him put up some amazing pieces before, but he saves most of the good stuff for bombing - he usually kind of half-asses party decorations.  I’ve never seen him churn out this much stuff in such a short time!  If he can keep doing it, I’m totally putting him on payroll for events all the time.”

“Seriously girl, I have no idea!  I said something about ants, just something random.”

“Well you are definitely my kind of random, scarypants.”  She rewarded Anna with a peck on the cheek, and moved back to adjust a few sliders on the board.  “Do you think the boys are going to make it back here in time tonight?”

“Yah, of course they will.  Now, whether they get here, whether they get here sober, and whether they get here sober with the thing you asked for and without picking up anything dangerous along the way, those are all totally different questions which I will be happy to answer for five dollaz a pop.”

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