Thursday, February 07, 2013

Beautiful Schizoid Dream

The lighting maeven strolled up behind Anna to apply a little shoulder massage.  “They’ll be just fine.  We can make food at my house afterwards, okay?  Meanwhile, tell me something.”

“Mm?” asked Anna, a little sleepily.  Her head lolled back into Holly’s chest, and she tilted it backwards until she could meet her gaze, upside-down.  

“What did you tell Drew earlier?”  

“Drew?  I don’t know, I barely remember.  I was thinking about my brother,” she yawned.  “I told him to do something about ants, ice or crystal or something.  Why?”

The lighting board was in a second story office that overlooked the rest of the venue floor through an observation window.  Holly’s fingers made their way up shoulders, across the nape of the neck and through ebony strands of hair until they were applying a temple massage.  In the process, she lifted Anna’s head so that the tall girl was looking out the window.  She looked, casually at first.  Then she straightened in her chair.  Then she stood, leaning closer to the glass with Holly at her shoulder.

Drew had been at work for hours.  When he had run out of canvas sheets, he’d tacked up huge sheets of paper onto the walls and continued work on those.  Upon every surface he and his cans and stencils had touched were the etched remnants of a beautiful schizoid dream, separated out by heavy black borders that made many of them look like comic book panels.  

Here, gargoyles hunched over terminals, sifting data on either side of a path that led to a fantasy city burning in the background.  Above them, thoughts and dreams floated off of the main mural surface onto individual sheets of paper that held simple bursts of color or stencil symbols.  

There, a skinhead or a buddhist monk was being attacked by a tide of shrouded lurkers flowing through a dark portal, while an ant-creature twice his size dragged him away through a crystalline corridor, holding a spear, a dream, and a bag in its three other hands.  In a scene directly after it to the right, the ant warrior had apparently planted its mandibles in the earth and popped them open in order to leap, propelling both himself and the monk skyward to cartwheel across a nightmare chasm, leaving a horde of pursuers stranded and facing a crystal avalanche from above.

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