Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Something Is Wrong

The monk continued.

“I am capable of more than the ragged impulses outside, and the enshrined memories in this chamber, because I am clearer.  I am based on... I was dear to the Queen, once, on a level of existence that surpasses this one but was no less perilous.”  

“I have many conjectures about how this place came to be, and what it represents, but - this is the first time I have encountered a stable construct such as yourself.  The others were fleeting, as memories are.  But you retain a sense of identity, as do I.  I can believe that you can reach places that I cannot.  That you can help us move... beyond, if there is such a thing.”

“There is,” said One, but he was not looking at the confessing monk.  He was looking at a single node in the wall of the chamber.  A node which contained a darkened, ant’s-eye view of the inside of a freezer.  

“You suggest that the world is entirely our Queen’s internal world.  I accept that this is largely true - but not entirely.  For a number of reasons.  One of them is that no creature is a universe unto itself.  The Queen lives, and thus lives in a world, likely a populated one, or she would not have lived long.  So there are other creatures, each with its own internal world or reality.  But they’re not entirely separate, these worlds.

“For we share experience sometimes.  We come to know others, sometimes.  We are sharing an experience, using language and habits that had to have originated somewhere external.  External causes produce memories, provide the building blocks for what exists in the inner world. So even if this is one person’s universe that we journey through today, it can touch other universes.  It isn’t pure isolation.”

The myrmidon nodded at the frozen ant memory.  “I never explicitly told her about that - the way it felt, the way I experienced it.  That is my memory.  How can one of my memories be in someone else’s memory garden?”

The cavern trembled again, this time much more noticeably.  The glyphs in the archway, formerly steady, had begun to flicker.

“Something is wrong,” breathed Base.

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