Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Horrible Visual Gravity

“Vargas Valiant and Tina Lockwell had been wrapped up in each other for eternity and longer.  Between them had always been the quiet whisper of a burning battlefield flame that burned all the more hotly for having been left untended for so long.  Only now, worlds away from all they remembered, were they finally free to express the deep emotions that they had been feeling in their hearts for so long.”  

“Don’t stop.  Keep reading.”  

“How many times had he studied her during the fight, droplets of sweat glistening down her perfect body that moved like a deadly machine as she struggled to keep her friends safe with the passion behind her fists?  

“How many times had she looked at him and longed for a private moment between the two of them, wrapped up in his great cloak like the wings of a hunting bird, pressed up against his muscular frame with its smouldering gaze that made her quiver at the knees with suppressed feelings.”

“Nnn.  That’s it right there.  Now.”

“Should we be doing this?  What about the swordsman?”

“You’re here now, and I need you, Vargas.  Help me to forget this world.”

There was the quiet click of a lenient indoor lock being jimmied, and then the rush of air from a swinging door.

“GOD DAMMIT CAIT,” they both yelled, and then froze when they saw the ninja stride silently through.

Rey saw a laptop opened to a fiction bulletin board, sitting on a box-spring-less mattress in the middle of the floor.  Also atop the mattress were a skinny, acne-scarred young man wearing what appeared to be a shower curtain around his shoulders as a cloak, and a slightly obese older woman in a pair of dilapidated boxing gloves and nothing else.  They were locked in a position that was not only confusing but also had to be humiliating for one or probably both of them, for a variety of reasons.

Rey was scoping the room, looking for what he needed, desperately trying to pilot his gaze away from the horrible visual gravity generated by the couple entwined with their laptop in the center of the room.  He figured he had a few moments during which surprise would keep them motionless.  Me, on the other hand, scarred for fucking life.

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