Friday, December 28, 2012

Seem More Legit

“And I ain’t some caveman,” continued Heck, “All like, ‘Bitch be in the kitchen, make me a sammich, and don’t look at nobody else.’  You know that ain’t my jam, right?  But on the real, I started feeling like her heart is big enough for maybe one dude, and taking care of her tribe, and everything after that just falls off her radar.  And right now that dude is her brother, and the tribe is the tribe, and I ain’t really the type to just hang out on the edge of her radar forever, you know?”

“I feel you.”  

“Real talk, I always thought she’d have been a better match with you.  You both the ‘fall hard for one person’ type.”

“What, serious?  Nah, though.”

“How come?  You ain’t think she cute?”

“She likes ‘em tall.  And I don’t date vampires.”

“Yo, this the address coming up, right?”

“Think so.  Yeah.

“Yo yo yo, don’t go all the way up there holmes, park it here, park it, park it.  Face it back the way we came.”

“Word.  We go up on foot.  Grab my bag out of the back, let’s gear up.”

Hector pulled out a hoodie of his own, a couple of ninja-esque face masks, and bluetooth headsets for the both of them.  The headsets gave him pause.  “Yo Rey, I get why we want to be in contact, that’s tight.  But what is with this cosplay shit on them?”  The headsets themselves were standard, but each was fitted into a plastic molded frame designed to fit over the head like headphones, with a cosmetic plastic lens wrapping around the front to one eye.

“Holly and Kalli both said it’d make us seem more legit, maybe give them something to think about.  Tell them you’re scanning their power level or some shit?  And no more ‘Rey’ all right?  You’re Bruiser, I’m Ranier.  We’re the Takusu Mob.”

“You are messing with me.”

“I’m just telling you what they said, B. Those are the names Kalli gave us.”

“Yo, just get in there fast and get what we came for.  I don’t mind a little breaking and entering, but this LARPing shit is just fucked up, nahmean?”


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