Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Want This

Why do you struggle towards your end? lamented the black knight of Euclid, aghast. For a breath or more, he took the form of a great horned owl fashioned out of carbon steel, an owl the size of a skyscraper, with eyes that were perfect golden zeroes.  

Trust me.  You must trust me.  In the summer fields of Badiou, we shall meet again and laugh over this, carefree and so much wiser.  Those fields are full of the perfect octahedral blooms grown from the Seeds of Life, and among them loom fierce predators.  But they are not dangerous to us, for they hunt only one specific kind of prey creature, a creature which lives to feed these predators, for that is how they are designed.  So are all things in the new order.  They will be by design.

And our homes!  Our homes, buildings of the rarest beauty, as are all the buildings in the Forever City - for every one is a temple, and every temple is built according to the Golden Mean, and they cannot be other than beautiful.  

You have a hunger for justice, Elan.  I feel this, I sense this in you.  You crave balance, you crave fairness.  But justice is only needed when something unjust or unfair is allowed to happen. In a virtual world, in a mathematical world, you will move past this concept, which is an artifact of this dross material plane.  All things will function as they must, as they need to, as they were made.   In a perfect world, all things find their perfect place, where they are most efficient and most needed.  All other possibilities are discarded.  Only harmony is tolerated.  And when we are finished with our work, then everything that remains in the universe will be needed and vital, significant and filled with purpose.  

And you want this.  This is why you’ve helped us.

Have I?  she returned.  And Elan, once a fanged hunter, now a raven, now the battlefield shadow that all soldiers know and fear in their secret hearts, held her head high and met the perfect nullity of the owl’s gaze.  Her own eyes streamed with tears that ran, unchecked, towards the beauty of the vision he had described.

You have moved me.  I will not deny it.  I crave for fairness and for Law and for harmony, and you have discovered an avenue towards reaching towards those goals in ways that are beyond the capacity of mortal creatures to create or discern.  

But you fail to reach those goals, though you do not understand it.  Because you are what you are, no more and no less, you fail to understand.  You have described a state of perfect balance, perfect peace, free from pain and strife.  

Harbinger, do you think I am unfamiliar with the beauty of these things?  

What you describe is stasis.  What you describe is death.

And while I find it beautiful, we are in no rush to meet.

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